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SonRise is an early learning and child care centre licensed through the Ministry of Education under the Child Care and Early Years Act 2014. In October 2007, we opened to provide Christian based child care to the Sudbury community. We aim to give a God-focused foundation to our children while teaching them basic skills needed for school. We have been blessed with a wonderful facility here at Glad Tidings(1101 Regent St S.) and a great group of registered ECE's ready to love and teach your children every day.
 SonRise is a division of Sudbury Christian Schools which also includes Sudbury Christian Academy and has been offering private Christian education since 1982. Sudbury Christian Schools are not-for-profit, charitable organizations which provide non-denominational Christian education.
Our current capacity is:
  • Infant Room (newborn - 18 months) - 6 children
  • Toddler Room (18 months - 2 1/2 years) - 15 children
  • Preschool Room (2 1/2 years - 4 years) - 24 children

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.
For more information please contact us at (705) 523-1596.


To provide a safe, loving, co-constructed learning continuum for children that is enriched with Christian values


For every child to be engaged in opportunity’s to be loved, respected and individually valued


We believe that each child is a capable individual worthy of unconditional love and respect. All children have been created unique, overflowing with potential and God has a purpose for them.
We believe that children can and should be treated with respect for them as individuals. Guidelines set for them and the way they are spoken to should preserve their dignity, and safeguard rights to privacy, independence and self-respect.
We believe that children need a deeper connection to their world and the beautiful things that are in it. That it is their right to explore and make relationships with themselves and each other in a positive, encouraging and effective way. We believe that by encouraging children to communicate effectively and interact with each other in a positive way that they will learn to regulate themselves and their behaviour in their community’s.
We believe that to truly support every child to reach their full potential, that there must be a balanced approach to their health, safety, and nutrition. We know that children love to play, explore, be active, and often will question everything. We believe that a safe environment for children includes a carefully designed space for each of these activities to take place while still providing an opportunity to eat healthy and stop to rest when they are ready.
We believe in the continual development of the whole child which encourages spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. The Ontario Governments “How Does Learning Happen” document includes a pedagogical approach to learning that allows plenty of time for children to initiate and control their own learning process. We believe that a professional RECE educator is able to fully allow children to construct their own learning opportunities as well as support their development with adult led experiences and inquires.
We believe that the primary responsibility of each child’s education lies with the parents and we are committed to partnering with families in the education process. We believe that open, ongoing and engaging communication between families and our educators is of paramount importance in every child’s life. A child’s education is most successful when there is a strong and responsive partnership between the families, the child care center, and the educators that care for the children.
We believe in the importance of having community and sharing our cultures and diversities with each other. We believe in the involvement and the continued support of our community partners and the services they provide for our families, our educators and ultimately the children we work with.
We believe in having high quality, professional educators that are committed to engaging in continuous professional learning with the College of Early Childhood Educators.
We believe that our philosophy should be evident in each of our SonRise programs.


Our program is Christ-centred, we teach Bible stories, sing songs and pray daily.
Our curriculum is based on the Ministry of Educations “How Does Learning Happen” document, which includes a child lead, educator supported, co-constructed learning environment.
Children have opportunities for individual time with the educator, small group time with a few friends and large group time. Both indoor and outdoor activities are included.
The educators use both planned and unplanned activities in leading the children. We do many activities around the children’s interests, but also believe that adult leadership and a teacher-directed classroom are important.
We provide a variety of learning opportunities that will develop the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of the children.