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Infant Room
0-18 Months

Infancy is a time of immense growth and learning for your child. In just 18 months they transform from tiny little newborns who do little more than eat sleep and … (need we say more) into active toddlers.

In the Infant Room at SonRise, the educators use play and various activities to work at helping your little one explore, discover and interact with themselves and the world around them. They work hard to create a safe and loving environment, and their flexible schedule allows your child to grow in their spiritual, social, emotional, communicative, cognitive and physical capacities and become the little beings God created them to be.

We believe babies are one of the most precious gifts that God has given us. In the Infant Room we understand this and work to show your child that they are loved by us and also by the God who created them. We use music, books, play and our comfort and empathy to help them develop an awareness of the God who loves them.

It is true that we are social creatures. Your babies are too, but there is a lot to learn in this area. In our room we encourage imitation and simple turn-taking as they begin to learn how to interact with each other.

Not only are we social creatures but we are also emotional. We understand that it is important for our classroom environment to be a safe place for your baby to start discovering their emotions and learn healthy ways of expression.

Studies show that language starts even while you child is still in the womb. But that does not mean that the work is done. Language is such an important skill and one that takes all of childhood to fully develop. At SonRise we work with your child where they are in their development using both verbal and non-verbal language as they not only learn to produce language, but also to respond to language.

Cognition is a term used to talk about the way we think, reason and learn. Did you know that a young baby does not know that an object still exists when they cannot see it? That is why peek-a-boo is such a fascinating game. A face just appears out of nowhere! Object permanence (that an object still exists even when not seen) is just one of the developments that occurs in your baby’s mind as they grow. Educators work with your child to help them develop many cognitive skills.

There are so many physical changes in a baby. At SonRise, our educators give lots of play and exploration time to allow your baby to develop gross motor skills (whole body movements like crawling, walking, bending, etc.), fine motor skills (smaller muscle movements like those used to control the hand and fingers), and discovery of the senses.