Toddler Room

Toddler Educators

Debbie Walsh, RECE

Kristen Wills, RECE

Kristin Quipp, RECE

Toddler Room
18-30 Months (1½-2½ Years)

These little people have left infancy behind and are ready to really start exploring and begin to control the world around them. Toddlers are known for their immense energy and active curiosity for the world around them. The are transforming from dependant little babies into their own independent little persons. This transformation is filled with many moments of success and frustration. At SonRise we understand this. Our educators have immense patience while helping your little person work through the many confusing aspects, as well as celebrate all the little successes, of the toddler years. This helps them grow into confident preschoolers.

Just as in the Infant Room, our Educators in the Toddler Room are aware of the importance of the complete development of your child. Through play, songs, activities, stories, crafts, exploration and discovery they ensure your child is developing in their spiritual, social, emotional, communicative, cognitive, and physical capacities. They meet your child on their individual needs with love and understanding to help them become the little persons God created them to be.

One of the joys of the toddler years is watching your child’s wonderment at the world around them. In the Toddler Room we help your child explore and discover the world and help them understand that God created all things. We teach your child that “God the Father provides for me” and that “Jesus, God’s Son, loves me.” These concepts are at the core of everything we do throughout the day with play, discovery, chapel and every interaction with the teachers

At this stage in development your child is starting to learn how to actively play with other children. Parallel play will sometimes lead to brief moments of playing together. There may be many struggles for possession as they start to engage more with their peers. This is a time where they start to understand that others also have a spot in social interactions (ex: Understanding they need to wait for another child to take a cracker before they can take one).

Toddlers begin to experience many emotions they do not know how to control or express. We help encourage self-regulation of their emotions and behaviour as well as moments of empathy. They begin to develop a sense of self as they understand they are a person, and have a growing desire to do things for themselves.

Vocabulary development during the toddler years is very important as is the foundation of grammar as they begin to put their words into sentences, and ask questions. Receptive language is just as important as the expressive language. The development of both leads to your child learning to participate in simple conversations.

The expanding abilities of the mind to understand and reason in a toddler lead to many developments in all the other areas of development. We encourage this expanding of thinking of your child, allowing them many opportunities of exploration, problem-solving, memory and sorting activities, and even introducing the concept of time (yesterday, today, now, later). 

Just as the mind is developing so is the body. Where once walking was the big gross motor (whole body) milestone looked for, now your toddler has “been there, done that.” They are onto bigger things like jumping, balancing, climbing, and riding toys. They want to tackle those stairs! In fine motor skills (small muscle movements) they are learning to dress themselves and dolls, they are learning how to use tools like a crayon or a spoon. With their senses, they are learning to recognize and choose objects based on different attributes like smooth or rough, sweet or sour, etc.